Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Last 2 Days of the Shorty Awards

I am an official finalist.  Reading all the reasons people give for nominating me is so reassuring.  Sometimes, online, it can be hard to know whether you are helping anyone or not.  The number of times people have used the word 'inspiring' or mentioned that I have encouraged them to write etc has been a pleasant surprise.  When I'm panicking about money and its impact on my health (another three bouts of hypothermia in the last week) it can be hard to get a sense of perspective or worth.  When my book comes out, I'm happy to take credit for my writing - it has taken years of hard slog to get this far - but in terms of the Shorty Awards I am more than happy to pin the credit on my followers.  You lot are the ones placing the votes and giving the reasons.  Whatever position I reach in this contest is down to you.  Thank you. (literature category)

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