Monday, 22 February 2010

My Book Has a Trailer

There are many elements to my first novel, but I liked the idea of basing the book trailer on the relationship between the main character and an unusual and special friend who plays an important role in the plot. This part of the story starts very early in the book so nothing here spoils anything beyond about the third chapter.


Awards, Announcements, and Anguish

The official email came through, confirming I was a finalist, and inviting me to the Shorty Awards ceremony in New York.  I declined.  Obviously.  Where the heck would I find the cash for a plane ticket?  If you're there, when they say 'the nominees are...' and read out my name, raise a glass in the direction of England.

I announced - finally - my desire to self-publish.  How long have I battled with that one? It was always the shiny option for me, but I know that is not a widely held view so I kept putting off the moment I dedicated myself to it in public.  Commitment-phobe.  I made the announcement yesterday on my blog - From Brain to Bookshelf yesterday.

This will be hard.  People yearn for the perfect publishing deal, where they are free from the burdens of enterprise and left to do nothing but write.  I'm not one of them, but I am aware of the task ahead.  Anguish and adventure, here I come.

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