Saturday, 17 October 2009

I am a - Slightly - Secret Squirrel

Twitter asked us not to tweet about this but nobody said anything about blogging... 

Okay, I fess up, I'm one of Twitter's SSS (Slightly Secret Squirrel) Beta testing team for the new 'lists' facility.  There's only a teeny tiny group of us so it's a huge honour to be involved.  In the spirit of keeping things slightly secret, I'll avoid spilling too many beans on how it works but it rocks and I hope they roll it out to everyone soon.

If I ask some strange questions on Twitter over the next few days and you have ANY interest in the questions I ask then answer.  You'll be glad you did.  I won't give away any specifics on Twitter though because they asked us not to but I think, since so many other testers have let the cat out of the bag already, I've not broken any rules here.  Please don't push for more info on Twitter because:
  • The first rule of Lists Club is you don't tweet about Lists Club
  • The second rule of Lists Club is you don't tweet about Lists Club
Slightly Secret Squirrel signing off...

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