Saturday, 15 January 2011

2011 Update - Where I Am Now

I haven't written in my online diary for so long. Much has happened. Here goes:

The magazine closed without warning, so my column - before it was even an entity - was no more.

Dad got an aneurysm. A big one. A MASSIVE one. The summer and autumn were a series of operations. I spent days praying. Days were spent in waiting rooms (listening to people cry) and in wards (listening to people scream). My book stopped being a priority.

Anyhow. He's alive. He's home, and things are improving every month. Once I knew he was on the mend, I started to move things along again for my writing. Here's what happened:

Writing Magazine Article
Groupon Blog

My novel went to America to be beta read by an editor over there, to make sure it is readable for the US. I'm now editing it YET AGAIN, and when that's done it will be published. In the magazine, I said it would be out in the spring, so it will.

Meanwhile, I'm making book trailers for people. Here's an example of what I can do:

If anyone happens upon this diary, and wants to be a pen pal of mine, they only need to click here for their wish to come true. :)


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