Saturday, 9 April 2011

I Actually AM a Cotswold Novelist Now!

My book is out. It will be available for £4.99 from 20th April, but I've put it out at a special Word Nerd rate for those who've helped me on the journey. Grab it before the 20th and it's only £2.99. 

The e-books are non-DRM, so you can give them as gifts. To encourage people to introduce the new tradition of #EbookEaster - more on my author blog - I'm putting up special offers between now and then on multiple purchases. 

TODAY'S OFFER: Buy 3 books (any combination of Kindle, iPad, Sony Reader, Nook and PDF) and you get a further 20% off! A decent sized Cadbury egg costs £6. 

Easter Gift suggestion: I'm suggesting you put a gift card into an egg/bunny shaped box or tin (there are so many right now) and include the download link. You can print an image of the book if you like. I've endured non-chocolate Easters (due to allergies) and they are NO fun, because there's no alternative. Let's create an alternative: e-books. Do you have a family member with diabetes or who's on a diet or just doesn't like lots and lots of chocolate? Perfect present. Cheaper than an egg. Frugal and classy, and you get to be the person who made them feel SPECIAL rather than just different. 

My book has already been reviewed by a US editor: 

Hope you enjoy Palaces & Calluses!

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