Saturday, 10 October 2009

Cheltenham Festival Buzz may have Buzzed off

An Outing!

This has not been a great year for indulgences.  The other day I realised that I have not actually been out - on a trip or 'outing' if you will - since this time last year when I went to the Cheltenham Festival of Literature. 

This year I hoped to go again.  I know funds are tight and all that but Mum gave me a £20 note and told me to go to the festival.  Everything I want to see has sold out and now I've had an allergic reaction to something.  I don't claim the two are related but, really!  Is it too much to ask to go out once a year?  My pre-festival buzz may have buzzed off.  Maybe someone will drop out of one of the events and I can scurry in?  It's quite an elegant gathering.  I wonder if my side-show attraction face will scare off the people sitting next to me and give me a bit more space to stretch out?  Hmm.  Could be a good thing after all.  Buzz buzz buzz.

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