Saturday, 17 October 2009

I am a - Slightly - Secret Squirrel

Twitter asked us not to tweet about this but nobody said anything about blogging... 

Okay, I fess up, I'm one of Twitter's SSS (Slightly Secret Squirrel) Beta testing team for the new 'lists' facility.  There's only a teeny tiny group of us so it's a huge honour to be involved.  In the spirit of keeping things slightly secret, I'll avoid spilling too many beans on how it works but it rocks and I hope they roll it out to everyone soon.

If I ask some strange questions on Twitter over the next few days and you have ANY interest in the questions I ask then answer.  You'll be glad you did.  I won't give away any specifics on Twitter though because they asked us not to but I think, since so many other testers have let the cat out of the bag already, I've not broken any rules here.  Please don't push for more info on Twitter because:
  • The first rule of Lists Club is you don't tweet about Lists Club
  • The second rule of Lists Club is you don't tweet about Lists Club
Slightly Secret Squirrel signing off...


  1. I've decided it's probably absolutely fine to tweet about it as long as the tweets are protected, so... any beta testers with an interest in gossiping about lists, you can tweet (in privacy if you protect your own tweets) at and you can chat in privacy at

    Both are protected and it'll be testers only so don't fear the judgement of the Bluebird of Guilt.

    See you there!


  2. It's a very open secret now. Lots of big blog posts have gone up about it so check out my post on if you are intrigued.

  3. Hi Rebecca

    I just wanted to know, did you make this blog by messing around with HTML editing or was this a template you picked up from somewhere? For example, how did you make your picture that big? I'm gradually picking up tips as I go along, but this HTML editing looks like a lot of hard work!

  4. Hi Stephen. Will leave reply on your blog. :)


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